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"1+1" became the leader of TV viewing on Christmas by commercial audience

According to the results of January 7, TV channel "1+1" took first place among Ukrainian channels with a share of 10.8% in the audience 18-54 (50K+)*.

Also, for the first 7 days of the new year, the channel holds the lead in the audience of Women 18-54 (50K+) with an average share of 10.2%* and Women 35-44 (50K+) with an average share of 11.3%*.

The best program on January 7 was the final issue of TSN, the rating of which was 4.1%, the share was 14.1%. In total, 3.52 million** viewers got acquainted with the latest news of Christmas TSN. The presenter of the program, Marichka Padalko, talked about the course of events in the USA related to the storming of the Capitol, the situation on Ukrainian highways and forecasters' forecasts, about important innovations from the National Bank of Ukraine regarding salary projects and about the numerous good deeds that Ukrainians do before Christmas.

The fabulous atmosphere of the family holiday was also helped to create the carefully selected broadcast content: in particular, the adventures of the heroes of the five-part cartoon from the 20th Century Fox Animation film company "Ice Age" were the most popular among TV viewers on January 7. The best results of the film screening were demonstrated by the final part of the franchise - "Ice Age: Collision Course", which was only slightly inferior to the final release of TSN (the rating of the cartoon was 3.6%, the share - 12.2%). The audience also appreciated the premiere on "1+1" of the Ukrainian animated film "Clara and the Magical Dragon", created by director Oleksandr Klymenko (rating 2.0%, share 7.9%).

"We like how 2021 started for 1+1 media: the flagship TV channel of the 1+1 group is consistently showing high performance and growing confidently. This confirms that the strategic path of the TV channel development chosen by us in 2020 is the right one: the gratitude of the viewers is the best proof of this. It is especially pleasing that we are the viewing leaders among the female audiences that are important to us: it is our female viewers who not only watch "1+1" by themselves, but also gather the whole family in front of the TV screens. And we will have something to offer them in the future, despite the fact that the holidays are coming to an end. After all, the amount of interesting and unique content on the channel will only increase: already in January, the 11th season of the vocal show "Voice of the Country. Reboot", and soon we will impress with a completely new project - "Lipsync Battle", a show of star parodies, which has already managed to become a hit in more than 10 countries of the world that have adapted this format", - convinced Maksym Kryvytskyi, head of "Television Business", member board of 1+1 media.

We will remind you that on January 3, 2021, the evening edition of TSN set an annual audience reach record. Yes, 4.65 million Ukrainians** watched the news at 19:30 on "1+1". This is a record result since January last year. According to the commercial audience, the issue also showed high ratings: the rating for the audience 18-54 (cities of 50,000+) was 4.7%, the share was 14.2%.

On December 31, 2020, the "1+1" channel became the leader of television viewing by the audience 18-54 (all of Ukraine). The share of TV viewing "1+1" was 14.5%.

The final episode of TSN on December 31 was watched by 4.3 million TV viewers**. The rating of the program was 4.3%, the share was 13.7% in the audience 18-54 (cities of 50,000+). The release became the leader of the slot.

The President's New Year's greeting was best viewed among all TV channels on "1+1", the appeal became the best program on December 31 in the audience of 18-54 (cities of 50,000+). Rating was 11%, share – 24.0%, reach – 3.6 million viewers**.

*financial day 6:00-26:00

**reach by audience 4+ (Ukraine)

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