NewsNews23 August 2018

1+1 media held the first event of the 1+1 Digital Weekend format

The first day of the event, on August 18, was held at an unusual location for such an event - the Podol Theater, which 1+1 media experts turned into an interactive lecture hall. The combination of the theme of technology and the atmosphere of the Kyiv theater created a sense of contrast during the lecture, thanks to which the audience better understood the changes in modern media. The focus of the first day was the topic of creating medical products at all stages – from project development and design to adaptation and monetization of content on various platforms. Thus, the director of the digital direction, Anna Tkachenko, spoke about the modern duet of content and distribution on the media market. Dmytro Zhuk, the head of Digital-development management, shared project management practices, and Evgeny Demchenko, Art Director of Digital-projects, talked about the role of digital design in communication with users of websites and applications. Oleksandr Kozachenko, head of the external content distribution department, spoke about ways to monetize content. Artem Lyozin, head of the VOD platform 1+1 video, told why it is worth using Data-driven decision for making business decisions, and Dmytro Panasyuk, head of 1+1 Digital Sales management, talked about how to combine creative media and technology.

The first day of the event to help fulfill the dream of Rustam Tymoshenko, who suffers from a severe form of epidermolysis bullosa, but despite his illness, sincerely dreams of mastering the profession of a programmer, has ended. The talented guy lacked a powerful computer to improve his skills. The 1+1 Digital team bought new equipment for the young man with the money collected from the tickets sold to the event. Thus, everyone who attended 1+1 Digital Weekend became part of the realization of a childhood dream.

The second day of the weekend was dedicated to bold cases in the digital environment and media business transformation. In order to not only hear, but also see the life of a modern media company, the final day of the event was held at the office of 1+1 media, in particular, the studios of TSN and the morning show "Breakfast with 1+1" were used for the lecture. The speakers of the second day were: Deputy Director of New Media Kateryna Kobernik, Editor-in-Chief of "Telekritika" Maria Khrushchak, Head of Marketing Communications Department Mykola Kononunchenko and the editors of the FootballHub project - Roman Bebeh, Oleksandr Zlatogorsky and Volodymyr Zverov.

The media group was helped to successfully hold the two-day event by partners - "Organic Milk" and Hell Energy Drink, whose products provided energy to the participants and organizers of the weekend.

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