NewsNews6 August 2018

The PLUSPLUS channel started digital broadcasting in Odesa and Odesa region

On August 6, children's channel PLUSPLUS, which is part of the media holding 1+1 media, started digital broadcasting in Odesa and Odesa region. From now on, young viewers will be able to watch their favorite cartoons in the T2 standard.

If the PLUSPLUS channel is not detected in the channel list of your T2 receiver, you need to rescan the device. The procedure takes several minutes. To do this, in the tuner settings, after turning on the "Menu", select the item "Search for channels", then "Automatic search". After scanning, the receiver will update the list of available channels.

"Obtaining a digital license for broadcasting in Odesa and the Odesa region is an important stage in the development of the PLUSPLUS channel's broadcasting network. We are really happy about the expansion of coverage, because even more young viewers will be able to receive high-quality children's content," says Ivanna Naida, general producer of niche channels of 1+1 media.

As before, the channel is also present in cable and satellite networks.

We would like to remind you that the products produced by the PLUSPLUS channel are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and are recommended for viewing in schools. The channel's cartoons are not only entertaining, but also educational and educational in nature.

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