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Anton Onufrychuk, intern of TET channel

Anton told about how he got to the internship, what inspires and what experience he receives from the internship program "Closer to TV."

On the choice of direction of activity

I am a student of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where I study at the Faculty of Information and Computing Technologies. I never wanted to work in IT, but I thought it didn't matter. Technical education seemed to me a panacea, as if with a similar background you just can't disappear. I must have thought I'd get out of there by Zuckerberg. I quickly burned out, but this is normal. Therefore, I decided to continue searching outside the world of IT and began to study graphic design on my own.

I soon realized that I wanted to work more with video content, because in the past I was fond of it. I thought I could find something for myself in the media. I planned to get a job where I can get acquainted with the work of the team of creators and submitted a resume for the position of coordinator of the promo department on the TET channel. To be honest, I failed the interview and this could have ended, but a month later I was contacted by the HR manager of 1 + 1 media and offered to participate in an internship as a content maker, and I agreed. This prospect was something new and unknown for me, I thought that I would lack experience to successfully pass the selection. Disclaimer! Your experience does not play a key role in the selection.

Now it is difficult to say why among other candidates they noticed me. My video essay was somewhat flawed, but quite convincing. I think the decisive stage was the test task.

I went to the first meeting in the office, not understanding what to expect from this adventure, but I was not afraid, because finally something interesting happened in my life and I liked it.

Impressions of the internship

I was lucky - I got an internship in a very busy period of the channel's life. Then the TET team was preparing for rebranding, also on the eve of the autumn premiere season. There was a lot of work, so we immediately started working with actual tasks. After a month of internship, I already had a fairly clear idea of   what the content maker was doing. Our main task was to fill the channel's digital platforms with content. We were involved in the process entirely - from the act of generating ideas to the act of implementing them. Very soon my first trip to the set to shoot a promo took place, and it turned out that communication is also a very important aspect of our work.

The team of the TET channel are wonderful open people, it is interesting and comfortable to work with. I want to thank my mentor Ana for her loyalty to ideas and the manifestation of great trust in the creative process. During the internship, she managed to become a real mentor for me.

About what inspires and advice to future trainees

Since I work in the promotion department, I am mostly inspired by brands and companies, less often by influencers, sometimes by movies and games. Among the sources of my inspiration are the trendsetters of the new Netflix reality, as well as A24, Pixar and Adult Swim. Among the brands outside the niche I want to mention Chipotle, Wendy's, Hubspot, PhotoMath, WeAreNotReallyStrangers, Balenciaga, Skvot, Drama Queen. Among influencers, Pablo Rochat and Oleg Antonov are noteworthy.

But nothing motivates to work so much as local success stories - stories of friends, acquaintances, colleagues. When people perform miracles right in front of your eyes, you begin to feel that your own dreams are the foreseeable future. Perhaps it is inspiration, or a thirst for victory, but whatever it is, it drives and charges.

The internship program really affected my life, and sometimes in a way that I could not expect. During the time spent on the TET TV channel, I managed to change, managed to surprise myself many times and to be disappointed in myself as many times - and this is wonderful. Recently, I often wonder: "Where would I be now if it were not for the internship?," And it is really difficult for me to imagine where and how I would be able to get such a unique experience.

I think I have something to be proud of. Trainees contribute to the life of the channel, in particular, to the quality of digital content. Millions of coverage in social networks and good ratings on the air suggests that our efforts were definitely not in vain. To realize that my work has to do with this is very pleasant and important for me. Of course, I understand how much space is left to grow. I have no idea how this whole story will end, but in the future I plan to continue working with visual content.

I want to advise future trainees to stop being ashamed of their ideas and not let them absorb you. It is important to remain open to guidance and criticism, to learn how to pass advice through the prism of one's own vision, to negotiate with oneself and analyze mistakes made. And then be sure to succeed!

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