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M/S Alpo continues historic voyage to Normandy to support Ukraine

On 27 April, the legendary World War II tugboat M/S Alpo set sail from the Finnish city of Oulu under Finnish and Ukrainian flags to the shores of Normandy to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The mission of the event's organisers, private Finnish businessmen, is to walk the historic route and join the fundraising campaign announced by renowned historian Timothy Snyder on the United24 Presidential Platform. 

1+1 media, the initiative's media partner, continues to follow the voyage of M/S Alpo. After breaking through the ice in the Gulf of Finland, the convoy of various vessels led by the tug M/S Alpo is confidently moving towards France. It is now in the Swedish town of Simrishamn. Ahead are Denmark, Germany and finally France. In early June, the tug is due to reach Normandy and the port of Le Havre in France, where it will take part in the celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

This trip is not only a historical reenactment, but also an effort to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. In the ports where the tug stops, the MS Alpo team invites you to join a historical lecture and fundraising to strengthen Ukraine's air defence. Everyone is welcome to visit the ship. The schedule is available on the project website

In Turku, Mayor Minni Arve greeted the crew, supporting the importance of the initiative. Also, the Mayor of Raseborg, Petra Teman, visited the ship and spoke to the crew, supporting the initiative for Ukraine. In Tammisaari, a Finnish Coast Guard boat accompanied the Alpo in a show of solidarity and respect for the important mission. 

The convoy continues its inspiring odyssey, combining history and modern challenges in a demonstration of international unity. The next stop is Copenhagen, where the MS will stay for two days - 25-26 May - opening its doors to visitors. 

The M/S Alpo, known as ST-355, was commissioned by the US Army and built in 1943 at the shipyard in City Island, New York. That same year, the ship arrived in Europe as part of a convoy to take part in preparations for D-Day. Following the D-Day landings, in 1946, the tug arrived in Finland as part of the Coast Guard fleet and assisted with post-war clearance and demining. Over the past three years, Finnish enthusiasts have been repairing and preparing the vessel for the voyage, as well as training the crew of 15 specialists. Now the M/S Alpo is successfully covering the distance and approaching the final port of call on the Normandy coast.

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