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Dynamism while maintaining recognition: the 1+1 media group has updated its corporate style

On September 3, 2020, the leading Ukrainian media group 1+1 presented an updated corporate style, which became more concise and at the same time more dynamic - as, in fact, the activities of the media holding. Discreet, but expressive red background and white numbers, familiar to every Ukrainian who has turned on the TV at least once - this is how the self-sufficient and at the same time recognizable 1+1 media logo looks from now on.

"We really liked the previous logo, but it's time to leave it in the past, as the dynamic development of 1+1 media requires other forms and visualizations. Last year, the structure of the holding underwent changes: business units and corporate services appeared within its framework, the corporate style of which was brought into harmony with the updated design of the media group. The 1+1 media logo is modern, bold and, at the same time, a certain challenge to traditional approaches to creating corporate identity of large companies with a long history. And we believe that this is what 1+1 media should look like today: an innovative, non-bureaucratized, driver of industrial topics, a company that is as open as possible," says Nataliya Vovk, 1+1 Marketing Director.

While developing the new corporate style of 1+1 media, the creative group was inspired by the so-called modular system, which allows you to achieve a large number of variations in a short period of time. Therefore, the peculiarity of the logo is that it is built from square modules that fit tightly to each other.

"The modular system is somewhat similar to the designer: having a certain number of elements, you can quickly create the necessary graphic forms and at the same time have enough freedom to adapt them quickly and without too much trouble according to your needs. Accordingly, the new style of 1+1 media is dynamic and flexible: the modules can change not only the shape, but also the color, which will allow us not to set strict limits and at the same time not lose brand recognition. At the same time, we updated the colors, making them brighter and fresher and closer to the branding colors of the group's channels. Modern, dynamic, adaptive, bright - like the results of the work of the 1+1 media group," says Mykola Altukhov, head of the 1+1 design department.

During September, 1+1 media will implement changes related to the redesign to the entire visual communication of the group. The official website of the media holding will also undergo significant changes   h ttps:// : its comprehensive update is planned for the beginning of 2021.

The following worked on the development of the new corporate style of 1+1 media:

Natalia Vovk, director of marketing 1+1;

Mykola Altukhov, head of the 1+1 design department;

Mykhailo Pihota, head of off-air graphics 1+1;

Kateryna Kot, senior coordinator of the 1+1 design department.

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