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1+1 media Group summed up 2022 in terms of TV viewing and talked about key successes

What was 2022 like for 1+1 media in terms of TV viewing

Despite the realities of an extremely difficult year dictated by Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 1+1 media group implemented a large number of large-scale multi-genre projects in support of Ukraine, reformatted the broadcasting of TV channels to meet the requirements of wartime, and at the end of the year launched the updated 1+1 Ukraine TV channel, scaled up TET and was even the first on the market to resume series production and filming.

While the Nielsen panel is preparing to relaunch, we are summarising the results of TV viewing according to the Kyivstar TV online TV platform, which has been tracking viewer demand throughout the war and providing relevant data for the TV ratings of the independent agency BIG DATA UA. We also recall the key achievements of the 1+1 media group in 2022.
What was 2022 like for 1+1 media in terms of TV viewing

Compared to 2021, 1+1 media grew significantly in share and ended the year in first place with an average share of 29.9%. SLM Group was in second place with a 22.9% share, and Inter Media Group was in third place with a 3.7% share.

Since the group's flagship TV channel, 1+1, started broadcasting as part of the United News marathon from the first days of the invasion and continues to perform an important function in ensuring the country's information defence capability, 1+1 and TET merged their programming forces in the autumn TV season. This decision was driven by a strong demand from viewers who needed their favourite "Plus" content to help them switch off and find strength for the fight ahead. One of the most important premieres of the year on TET was the vocal show The Voice, which had an average share of 10.6%, and the project finale, which took place in the subway, became a landmark event for the whole world, as it had never been broadcast live from a shelter in the history of the format!

On 24 December, with the launch of 1+1 Ukraine, all the important Plus TV premieres that had previously been broadcast on TET were transferred to 1+1 Ukraine. In general, 1+1 Ukraine, which was on air on 24-31 December, gained an average share of 8.5%, but on 31 December the channel grew significantly and topped the TV viewing TOP on this important day for Ukrainians with a share of 22.1%! 

In its turn, TET became the third major channel of the media holding and has grown its audience, ranking sixth in the overall rating of Ukrainian TV channels with a 5.1% share.
At the end of the year, 2+2 was the first TV channel to resume its own series production in the midst of the war, launching the filming of a four-episode war drama I Am Hope, which will be broadcast in 2023. The channel ended the year in 5th place in the ranking with a 5.2% share.

The TOP 20 TV channels of the year from 1+1 media also included Bigudi with 1.4% share, ranking 14th, PLUSPLUS was ranked 17th with 1.2% share, and KVARTAL TV was ranked 18th with 1.0% share. Traditionally, the top of the chart is topped by 1+1 Marathon, which significantly outperformed its closest competitors and took the first place in the ranking with 14.7% share for the year!

Other TV channels of 1+1 media group - UNIAN and partner Paramount Comedy - finished the year with an average share of 0.2% and 1.0% respectively.

How the United News telethon was watched in 2022

The most popular product on the Kyivstar TV platform remains the United News telethon, which started broadcasting on 26 February in response to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Without stopping broadcasting for a single day, the average viewership of the marathon channels (seven main channels of the marathon) amounted to 22.4% of all TV channels on the platform (which is more than 300 TV channels). At the same time, there was a sharp surge in TV viewing of the marathon during the days of massive rocket attacks, when there was a high demand for up-to-date and verified information.

The most popular TV channel in the marathon during all months of the full-scale war was 1+1, followed by ICTV, Inter, Pershyi, Rada, K2 and ZOOM.
In addition to providing its slot with news, the 1+1 team creates a large number of promotional videos for the marathon, initiates special campaigns and special projects that have had a huge reach and response from viewers throughout the year, such as Save Ukraine - #StopWar, Embrace Ukraine charity marathons, concerts and special features. In addition, the TSN team went on air at 6am on 24 February, being the first to announce the start of the full-scale invasion. And "Breakfast with 1+1" became the only morning show in Ukraine that did not stop broadcasting and continues to support Ukrainians in such a difficult time. 

In total, in 2022, 1+1 media produced 3,500 hours of various genres of content, mostly news, on its own and in cooperation with partners.
How Ukrainians celebrated the New Year on 31 December 2022
On 31 December, 1+1 Ukraine became the most popular TV channel on Kyivstar TV, topping the charts with a 22.1% share, leaving its closest competitors far behind. On this day, the channel broadcast specials of "Breakfast with 1+1", world movie hits, and the New Year's edition of "Evening Quarter". In the 23:00 - 00:00 slot, when the video address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy was broadcast, the share of 1+1 Ukraine increased to a record 40.5%.
TET gained a 7.9% share and ranked third in the rating. In the 21:00 - 00:00 prime time slot, the channel grew to 10.7% share, thus taking the 2nd place. The share of the festive edition of "Breakfast with 1+1" on both TET and 1+1 Ukraine reached 11.6%.

1+1 TV channel, which broadcasts the United News marathon, was in 4th place with a 6.9% share. It was the TSN team that prepared the New Year's slot of the marathon, bringing together a huge audience - the 1+1 media team's broadcasts accounted for 11.0% of the audience.
2+2 took the sixth place in the TOP with a 4.2% share, and the group's partner channel KVARTAL TV took 9th place with a 2.8% share.
On 31 December, 1+1 media group TV channels united a record audience - the share of TV viewing on Kyivstar TV was 47.0%! And the total share of viewing the video address of the President of Ukraine on the group's channels was 71.3%!

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