NewsNews20 August 2019

1+1 Media Group announces structural changes

The project is a continuation of the decentralization policy laid down in the strategy of entering the profitability zone 2021, which the group approved in January of this year.

As part of the project, the structure of the media holding is changing - there is a clear division into business units and corporate services. Each business unit of the group becomes an independent business of equal value, with its own goals and objectives, areas of responsibility, powers and management team. Thus, 1+1 media has business units "Television Business" headed by Maksym Kryvytskyi, "1+1 Production" headed by Victoria Levchenko, "Pay TV" headed by Yaroslav Pakholchuk, "1+1 Digital and Innovations" led by Anna Tkachenko.

Corporate services act as internal consulting, which provides professional expertise and the implementation of best practices, is responsible for the quality of the service and the cost of the function. Such corporate services are the financial department headed by Dmytro Tuzov, the GR department headed by Vyacheslav Mienko, the marketing communications department headed by Svitlana Paveletska, the strategy and risk department headed by Victoria Romanova, the HR department headed by Larisa Brouwer and Shared Services under the leadership of Yaroslav Pakholchuk , which include technical, legal departments, security service, administrative department, etc. services


Instead of the general director, the strategic management of the group will be carried out by the Board, the composition of which is approved by the company's shareholders. The Management Board includes the head of "Television Business", the head of Pay TV and Shared Services , the head of "1+1 Digital and Innovations", the directors of GR, marketing communications and the financial director. At its first meeting on August 28, the Board will elect a chairman who will be responsible for organizing the body's work.

Since the general director of 1+1 media Oleksandr Tkachenko is an elected deputy of the VRU and cannot combine this activity with work in the executive body, on August 16 the Supervisory Board considered his application and made a decision to dismiss him from his position. By the decision of the Supervisory Board on August 17, Oleksandr Tkachenko was awarded the title of Honorary President of the Group for his great contribution and 11 years of constant work in the company. From August 19, Vyacheslav Mienko was appointed as the new general director of TRC "Studio 1+1" LLC.

"I am grateful to the entire team of 1+1 media for these incredible years and achievements. I am sure there will be more of them. The market is changing, large technological giants and streaming platforms are entering, Ukrainian media are beginning to consider their activities as a business. This means that it is necessary to become even more efficient and be able to face challenges. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, we approved the 2021 strategy, which includes the goal of profitability and decentralization as a way to achieve it. A cool team, multiplied by a competent structure and principles of management, where more authority, but also more responsibility , is our formula for profitability" , - commented the Honorary President of 1+1 media Oleksandr Tkachenko .

The new structure has already entered into force, with the exception of "1+1 Production" - Victoria Levchenko will head this business unit on September 16.

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