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The 1+1 media group is starting work on the second season of the digital series about Generation Z

The 1+1 media group is starting work on the continuation of "Sex, Insta and ZNO" the first TV series in Ukraine created exclusively for the VOD platform. As in the first season, the story revolves around members of Generation Z - their relationships, problems, challenges, self-identification and, of course, exams and SATs.

Currently, 1+1 Digital Studios is a division of 1+1 Production, engaged in the production of content for VOD platforms, working on the script for the second season of PPE, conducting focus groups and meetings with fans. The company reports that this approach will "expose" even more problems and important messages that concern teenagers, and close interaction with fans of the series will help make the plot even more exciting.

"The series "Sex, Insta and ZNO" is our big experiment, which definitely succeeded. This is the first step towards a new industry in Ukraine, which shows that products created exclusively for streaming platforms can be in demand.

The first season of the project was successful not only artistically, which is confirmed by, for example, nominations for "Dzyga", invitations to various industry festivals, including international ones, but also financially, which is strategically important for 1+1 media as a business . Currently, we distribute PPE as a finished product and as a format to various territories and continents. It inspires and drives the market, " commented Iryna Nikonchuk, showrunner of the series and head of 1+1 Digital Studios.

We will remind you that the first season of the series "Sex, Insta and ZNO", created exclusively for the 1+1 video platform, honestly, without censorship and templates, shows what generation Z really lives. The 12-episode teen-dramedy tells about the life of Vinnytsia schoolchildren who are growing up in Ukrainian realities - they fall in love, make friends and enemies, experience the first difficulties, look for a common language with their parents - and with themselves. And at the same time, they are preparing for the external examination.

Project showrunner Iryna Nikonchuk and the 1+1 Digital Studios team worked on the creation of the first season of the series together with director Antonio Lukich and screenwriters Evgenia Babenko and Pavel Ostrikov.

The main cast is the new generation of Ukrainian cinema actors. The main roles in the series were played by students of the first years of KNUTKiT named after Karpenka-Karoy and KNUKiM, whose selection was worked on by casting director Alla Samoilenko.

Famous actors - Irma Vitovska, Nataliya Vasko, Iryna Verenich-Ostrovska, Olga Safronova and Yevhenii Bushmakin - also appeared on the screen.

For the first time in the Ukrainian film industry, a musical supervisor was used for the musical design of the series, who became Serhiy Vovk, co-founder of the Thousand Kisses Place label. The main track for "Sex, Insta and ZNO"   The song "ZNO " was created by the band "Vagonovozhatye".

Revealing the topic of adolescent problems and conducting focus groups at the stage of developing the script, for the authenticity of the scenes, the team of the series enlisted the help of professional psychologists and sexologists: Olga Protasova and Yulia Yarmolenko.

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