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The Clean Sky initiative has announced an all-Ukrainian competition for young people

Vyacheslav Mienko, head of the Clean Sky Initiative, comments: "We strive to change the attitude towards the illegal use of content, and it is important to change it among the youth, who are currently shaping the future of Ukrainian culture. We want to show that consuming legal content is fashionable, relevant and accessible, but we understand that an instructive, cautionary tone is a bad helper here. That is why we have launched a contest that will allow us to encourage young people in an interesting and motivating way to actively form a healthy habit of using legal audiovisual products, there are many opportunities for this, even free ones."  

The "Watch Legally" competition has two nominations. The first, "Message to Peers", involves addressing the participants in the format of video or text with their convictions, why you should not watch stolen films and TV series. The second, "Mission Accomplished", sets the task of proposing solutions that will help convince young people not to watch pirated content, in the form of an action, campaign or effective rules.

The jury in the first nomination included the head and deputy head of the Clean Sky Initiative Vyacheslav Mienko and Mykola Fayengold and the participants of the Initiative: Olga Nosyk, head of the corporate communications department of Media Group Ukraine, Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO of FILM.UA Group , Kyrylo Matvienko, director of sales at Getty Images Ukraine.

The members of the jury for the second nomination were: Iryna Titarenko, communications expert of the EU Project "Supporting the EU's interaction with civil society organizations of Ukraine", Valeriya Ovcharova, regional representative of the Public Activity Promotion Program "Join!" (USAID/ENGAGE) in Zaporizhzhia, expert on youth policy, Olga Garbovska, manager of strategic communications of the "Dream and Act" Program / IREX, Iryna Metnyova, founder and creative director of Vandog Agency, Yana Panfilova, founder of Teenergizer BF, Oleksandr Smirnov, Tabasco partner .

Mykola Fayengold, deputy head of the Clean Sky Initiative, notes: "Technologies are constantly developing and content consumption is growing every year. Our goal is to teach and show that consumption can be smart and legal. After all, the creative economies of most countries are based on respect for copyright. Of course, encouraging our youth to do this is a step towards a successful industry and the economy sector as a whole."

The competition started on April 7 and will last until May 14. The winner of each nomination will have the opportunity to take a 3-month course at the 1+1 media school of the 1+1 media group, see how television works with their own eyes, as well as practice and create their own portfolio of works. You can learn about the details of the competition by following the link .

We will remind you that the previous social project launched by Clean Sky was the challenge #зачепило, when opinion leaders told stories from their own lives on social networks, how they became victims of content thieves. The project also aimed to draw users' attention to the need to protect intellectual property rights.

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