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Unique stories of the arbitrator-neurosurgeon: about the helicopter raid to Mariupol and operations in bunkers

In addition, the hero of the issue talked about the way to "Azovstal" and later - to the Ilyich plant, how the operating rooms in the bunkers were equipped, what methods of psychological influence were used by the Russian military during the stay of our defenders in captivity.

"It was a through wound to the head. When this wounded man was brought in, he was still conscious. Having found the entrance and exit holes, I noticed that he began to "load"... If at first he was conscious, then after 15 minutes he was already in a coma... The question was how appropriate our intervention would be in this case. A person was dying in front of our eyes... However, the intensity of the arrival of patients has just decreased. And the anesthesiologist said: "If we don't do anything, he will die. If we at least try, maybe he will have at least some chance."

About a week after the operation, he got up, tried to take a spoon and eat on his own. In those conditions it was fantastic. When we were captured, we got lost, he was taken to the hospital by representatives of the Russian military. Three weeks later, the wounded began to be returned to the colony, and I saw him on this bus. I saw that he was alive, " the referee - neurosurgeon recalled.

The full version of the release is available on the YouTube channel at this link: .

The key messages of the issue are #BoycottRussianSport, #TurnOffRussia, #StandWithUkraine, #StopWarInUkraine.

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