NewsNews4 April 2018

Ivanna Naida assumed the position of general producer of niche channels of 1+1 media

Today, April 4, changes took place in the structure of the 1+1 media group. As part of the implementation of the strategy for the development of television brands, as well as with the aim of increasing the efficiency of functions, it was decided to combine resources and create a single structure of niche channels of 1+1 media.

Ivanna Naida, who was previously the general producer of PLUSPLUS and Bigudi channels, will assume the position of general producer of niche channels. This structure will include the following channels: PLUSPLUS, Bigudi, UNIAN TV and 1+1 International. There will be no dedicated channels and positions of general producers in this structure.

"This decision will allow the group, first of all, to optimize the available resources. In addition, combining niche channels will have a direct impact on increasing the indicators of 1+1 media. I believe that these changes will take us to a new level," comments Ivanna Naida, general producer of niche channels of 1+1 media.

In turn, Vladyslav Svinchenko, who headed UNIAN TV and 1+1 International, will become the Head of International Distribution and Development of New TV Channels and will report directly to Ivanna.

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