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Kyivstar TV presented Top 10 June products and most popular series among Ukrainians

Kyivstar TV, a film and television platform, summarized the viewership of movies, series, and shows for June. Projects produced by 1+1 media made the Top 10 TV-programs of the first month

Every month, Kyivstar TV analyzes how the preferences of Ukrainian viewers' have changed: determining the top films and series and summarizing how Ukrainians consumed news content.

Top 10 programs for June by viewership

Ukrainians actively watch different programs and shows on Kyivstar TV. We should notice that platform viewers prefer social and entertainment talk shows, as well as travel programs. 1+1 media projects are 10 most popular programs on Kyivstar TV:

  1. "The whole country is talking" (1+1 Ukraine)
  2. "I love Ukraine" (TET)
  3. "The world inside out" (1+1 Ukraine)
  4. "Lost World" (2+2)
  5. "World inside out. Ukraine" (1+1 Ukraine)
  6. "Blind Wedding" (1+1 Ukraine)
  7. "Wife Swap" (1+1 Ukraine)
  8. "Family melodramas" (1+1 Ukraine)
  9. "The Voice of Ukraine" (1+1 Ukraine)
  10. "Travel around Ukraine with Dmytro Komarov" (1+1 Ukraine)

The most popular series for June by viewership

Speaking about the series, the preferences of Ukrainian viewers are constant. Both Ukrainian and foreign series, particularly 3 Turkish series, entered the Top-10.

  1. "Forbidden Apple" (MEDYapim)
  2. "A promise to God" (1+1 Ukraine)
  3. "The Magnificent century. Roksolana" (Tims&B Productions)
  4. "A house for happiness" (New channel)
  5. "Nobody’s Perfect" (1+1 Ukraine)
  6. "The Serpent Queen" (3 Arts Entertainment, Lionsgate Television)
  7. "The autopsy will show" (ICTV)
  8. "One Family" (STB)
  9. "Elementary" (CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions)
  10. "The girl named Feriha" (MEDYapim)

By the way, the TV series «The Serpent Queen» is a Canadian product of Lionsgate company, for which Kyivstar TV ordered its own Ukrainian-language dubbing. This is a historical TV series about the Queen of France Catherine de' Medici, made in the genre of mockumentary.

The most popular films for June by viewership

The top 10 most popular films in June on Kyivstar TV included four Ukrainian-made films, as well as two James Bond films. Notably, the entire Bond series is exclusively available on the film and television platform Kyivstar TV in Ukrainian. Additionally, the animated musical "Under the Boardwalk" made it into the ranking.

  1. "The best weekend" (FILM.UA)
  2. "007: No Time to Die" (MGM)
  3. "Wrath of Man" (MGM, Miramax Films)
  4. "Cosa Nostra. Mom is leaving" (FILM.UA)
  5. “The Tomorrow War” (Amazon MGM Studios, Skydance Media)
  6. "20 days in Mariupol" (Arthouse Traffic)
  7. “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One" (Paramount Pictures)
  8. "Under the Boardwalk" (Paramount+)
  9. "Felix and Me" (ForeFilms)
  10. "007: Spectre" (MGM)

FAST channels in June

Since October 2023, Kyivstar TV has offered selections of popular 1+1 media content that can be viewed without authorization and free of charge by all viewers on all devices — from smart TVs to smartphones, computers, media boxes and tablets. Last month, in May, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting registered 16 online media, including, for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian media market, FAST channels (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) — mono channels of popular 1+1 media content: "The World Inside Out+", the documentary project "Lost World+", the series "The Cop on Call+", as well as reality and educational programs "Family Melodramas+" and "Life of famous people+".

In June, the top 10 most popular FAST channels on Kyivstar TV accounted for 11.23% of the platform's total monthly viewership, indicating their popularity among viewers.

Top 10 FAST Channels in June by Viewership

1. The World Inside Out+ — 2.45%

2. SpongeBob HD — 1.91%

3. Fighter — 1.62%

4. Charmed — 0.96%

5. Wife Swap — 0.86%

6. Horrors HD — 0.82%

7. Elementary HD — 0.72%

8. PAW Patrol HD — 0.65%

9. The cop on call — 0.63%

10. Family Melodramas+ — 0.61%

In June, the total share of the Unified Marathon's viewership was 8.45%. Among the news channels within the Unified Marathon, 1+1 Marathon remains the leader.

Unified Marathon Viewership

1. 1+1 Marathon — 4.08%

2. ICTV — 3.84%

3. Inter — 0.40%

4. Rada — 0.13%

We remind you that the Kyivstar TV film and television platform library has the largest collection of Ukrainian content — over 1000 titles. This is the best indicator among all OTT platforms in Ukraine.

Source of data: Kyivstar TV

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