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Kyivstar TV has collected all 007 films in Ukrainian dubbing on its platform

Kyivstar TV is the first OTT service in Ukraine to collect the entire series of James Bond films in Ukrainian voice acting.

All 26 Bond films are already available on the platform. The film series is considered one of the longest-running in world cinema, as the first film was released in 1962. During the filming of all the films, 6 main actors have changed, and the premieres have always caused a sensation among viewers. With each new film, the special missions of the British intelligence agent MI6 are adapted to the realities of modernity, digitalisation, and global and geopolitical ideas. 

Goldfinger (1964) is considered to be the standard of the classic Bond film. This film was created according to all the canons that directors would follow for the next 60 years. Due to the sufficient budget for this film, the screenwriters were able to add episodes with explosions, and to this day, the creators of Bond films try to adhere to this canon and not use computer graphics. Also, the agent in this film chooses an Aston Martin car, which remains unchanged in several subsequent films.

The Bond saga has won 5 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, 4 BAFTAs, and 3 Grammys in the 60 years since the first film was released.

Ukrainians can legally watch 007 films by subscribing to one of the platform's packages, namely Basic, Family or Premium HD. Kyivstar TV can be used by subscribers of all mobile operators and Internet providers: they just need to log in with their phone number. The advantage for Kyivstar mobile users compared to other operators is the possibility to activate Kyivstar TV Super Power, which does not require any additional payments.

Convenient features for viewers include the ability to download content and watch it even without Internet access, as well as use the platform from one account on five devices simultaneously: smartphone, laptop, tablet, set-top box and Smart TV.

"It is important for us to organise a convenient cinema space where Ukrainian viewers can legally watch not only new content, but also films that have long been 'timeless'. That's why we decided to bring together the most popular saga on Kyivstar TV, which could be watched separately on different platforms or on pirated resources. For us, this is not only a matter of convenient user experience, but also the promotion of legal content," commented Pavlo Rybak, CEO of Kyivstar TV.

On the occasion of the release of the James Bond film collection, Kyivstar TV gives viewers the opportunity to try all the benefits of using the platform with the Premium HD package for 7 days using the promo code CINEMADAY7.

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