NewsNews13 December 2019

The 1+1 Digital team developed a Ukrainian text generator - Dzhedzhalyk

On December 12, the 1+1 Digital team presented the Dzhedzhalik service , a project designed exclusively for the needs of Cyrillic typography, which will be able to provide typographical recommendations for texts in the Ukrainian language. Thanks to its functionality, the service generates Ukrainian text and calculates its typography for the best readability, both from the data specified by the user and automatically.

The service is free to use and will be useful for editors, designers and anyone who wants to create documents with a high level of readability. Service website: http :// dzhedzhalyk . com . u /

The idea of the launch arose from the need to use the Ukrainian text in the internal development of the 1+1 media group . The creation of a random text was based on the works of Ivan Franko, which is why the project was named after the writer's most popular pseudonym. The service is already used by the designers of the 1+1 Digital team to calculate the readability of fonts.

"95% of the Internet is text. Today, in Ukraine, there is a shortage of specialists who have the skills to work with typography and fonts, besides, few people pay attention to the typography of the Ukrainian language, which is very different from Latin and Russian. And in the light of upcoming legislative changes that will oblige all sites and applications to be developed in Ukrainian, our service is a kind of unique tool that offers typographic solutions in the native language," commented Yevhen Demchenko , art director of 1+1 Digital .

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