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The teams of the 1+1 media group have united in Big Brave Events

The teams of the 1+1 media group — Big Entertainment Shows, marketing and PR units — have joined the Big Brave Events initiative to implement events of an international scale. The main goal of such collaboration is the approach of Victory and the consolidation of the whole world around the dramatic events in Ukraine.

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Before the full-scale war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Big Entertainment Shows 1+1 media team embodied the largest television projects on Ukrainian television - "Voice of the Country", "Voice. Children", "Dancing with the Stars", "Lipsync Battle", "Masquerade". However, with the beginning of the Russian invasion, the divisions of the media group began work on the largest telethons in the history of television Save Ukraine and Embrace Ukraine, large charity performances and concerts, thanks to which it was possible to collect more than UAH 100,000,000 in total to solve important humanitarian and medical problems in Ukraine.

Among these events are three international charity telethons in Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam, a series of charity matches of Kyiv "Dynamo" - 10 matches with artistic performances in a number of European countries, as well as a charity concert by the band "Ocean Elsa" in the Kyiv metro.

"Within the framework of the Big Brave Events initiative, we implement projects of an international level, and we are able to do it in a very short time. More than once, we have heard phrases like: "it's impossible!", "how will you manage it?" from our European colleagues, but we have always brought large-scale ideas to life. Our expertise is big shows of various content that Impress, Inspire and Change," comments Volodymyr Zavadyuk , head of the Big Shows 1+1 media department and the Big Brave Events initiative.

Currently, the Big Brave Events team is engaged in the development of two large-scale collaborations with international broadcasters, which will be announced later, and is ready to implement special projects that will bring our Victory closer together with partners from other countries.

"We received powerful feedback from the audience and words of support for Ukrainians, which is very important in such an extremely difficult time. Now we have considerable expertise in creating similar initiatives and are ready to scale up our experience ," commented Tetyana Tregobchuk , head of the corporate communications department of 1+1 media.

In the future, the team will focus on the development of the concept of online and offline events and their further implementation at various sites and territories; development of marketing strategy of projects and PR-support of campaigns; communications with stars, opinion leaders, politicians regarding participation in international events and projects; development of a complete package of promotional materials for effective promotion of the project (promo videos, posters, creatives for social networks and websites), etc.

"For all major charity projects, on which the marketing team worked in synergy with other divisions of the company and partners, we created a large number of creative materials, the task of which is to build a high-quality dialogue with the European audience. We definitely succeeded, as evidenced by the results of project coverage and feedback from viewers. Such experience is invaluable, and what is important, we can share it with colleagues from other countries, because launching large-scale campaigns in such a short period of time is always a crazy challenge," comments Nataliya Vovk , 1+1 Marketing Director.

Full information on the activities of Big Brave Events is available on the official website of the initiative by following this link . Team contacts for cooperation: b ig.brave@1plus1.t v .


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