NewsNews12 January 2018

Tetyana Martynenko - Copywriter (trainee) TV channel 1+1

For me, a 1+1 internship seemed completely unattainable. I can't even believe that I am writing this article already sitting in a chair in the channel's office, and next to me is an intern's pass. Once upon a time, as a child, I used to watch the programs of TSN and dreamed that one day I would get to the largest media holding in the country. That's exactly what happened. But for this it was necessary to make a lot of effort: time to shoot a video resume, courage to submit an application, creativity in performing a test task and, most importantly, considerable stress resistance during an interview.

The 1+1 Media office is pleasantly surprising. Everything is interesting here. From the very first second, one gets the impression of a free space: long corridors, transparent bright offices, motivational inscriptions on the walls. It's as if you immediately fall into your environment.

The first working day: fear, awkwardness, worries, and the computer constantly disobeyed me. I got a place as an intern - a copywriter in the promotion department, without even imagining that I, a philologist by education, would need to learn advertising! Yes, it is precisely to invent texts to announce films, programs, shows in such a way as to "sell" so that the audience pays attention, watches.

A month ago, I had no idea what a copywriter does. Now I can outline this profession as follows - word + creative, that is, a copywriter is a person who invents ideas and chooses the words in which these ideas are best invested. But I was quickly brought up to speed and that's where it started...tags, straightening, dies, inks, slots and many more new words added to my vocabulary. My greatest passion has become the fact that working time is spent in creativity and inventing, and very often - in watching programs or series, for which you have to come up with a copyright. It is also interesting to work with the director during the editing of videos and announcements, here you have to learn to work in pairs, on the one hand - defending your ideas, on the other - listening to the ideas of colleagues.

I'm getting a huge amount of practical skills that can't be gained anywhere but directly doing the mentoring task. No two days are the same here, every time I come with curiosity (what about today?) and receive new tasks.

When the first video, in which I was involved, was broadcast, my joy knew no bounds, I showed it to almost everyone I knew. And suddenly it became clear that what I do brings not only pleasure, but also results.

And, by the way, a 1+1 intern will never feel abandoned. We take care of: conducting an introductory presentation, tours of the office and to the TSN studio and Breakfast with 1+1, trainings, master classes. We can ask and always get an answer.

An internship at 1+1 Media is an opportunity. The opportunity to reveal yourself, try a lot of new things, meet professionals in your field and become part of something significant and large-scale. And the most important thing in an internship is not to waste this opportunity and use it to the fullest.

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