NewsNews23 October 2020

"Media course for schoolchildren" from the Higher School of Media&Production started at KMDSH

"Media course for schoolchildren", specially developed by the Higher School of Media & Production, began on October 1 at KMDSh for students of the specialized faculty "Media and Communications".

During their studies, high school students will have the opportunity to directly obtain knowledge and skills necessary for media professions from specialists and experts of 1+1 media , and will also be able to hone their skills in practice, using the capabilities of the media group. The course is aimed at mastering practical skills in communications, journalism, producing, working in social networks, etc. and involves students creating and defending their own project concepts as a result of the training.

Classes are held under the guidance of teachers and speakers of the Higher School of Media & Production. Yehor Gordeev, the presenter of "Breakfast with 1+1" became the curator of the course and mentor for the students.

"The network of schools where students have the opportunity to learn about media education from professionals in their field is growing. And we are pleased that from now on our specially developed course is being studied at KMDSh. After all, the school has specialized faculties and the "Media and Communications" direction is fully represented in the curriculum. We are confident that our course will expand and significantly supplement learning opportunities and help you get to know the various professions of media and television from the inside," says Yuriy Bilokur, head of the Higher School of Media & Production.

"We are convinced that educational partnership is a guarantee of efficiency and completeness of education for our students. After all, vocational guidance works best when children receive not only a high-quality theoretical base, but also can try themselves in various types of professional activities and take experience directly from specialists. Therefore, this year, faculties for students of grades 10-11 were launched at KMDSh. It is this approach that will allow students to make an informed choice of profession and comprehensively prepare for entering the desired field. We are glad that, together with the new course from the Higher School of Media & Production, we will be able to realize our goals at the highest level," says Oleksandra Brashovetska, head of projects and educational partnerships of KMDSh.

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