NewsNews19 June 2024

At Mykolaichuk OPEN, Kyivstar TV will tell for the first time how to make a successful film for OTT platforms

The speaker will share what factors influence the success of content on the platform and how to sell film products correctly

Maryna Kaplun, Head of Content at Kyivstar TV, will give an interactive lecture for filmmakers at the Mykolaychuk OPEN Film Festival.

From 15 to 23 June, the third Mykolaychuk OPEN Festival of Audience Cinema is taking place in Chernivtsi. Already this Friday, 21 June, at 16:00, within its industrial section, Kyivstar TV's Head of Content Maryna Kaplun will hold an interactive lecture "Think like a viewer: how a film can conquer the OTT platform. Kyivstar TV experience". 

The lecture will be held in the format of live communication with the audience about what influences the success of a film when it gets to Kyivstar TV, how content promotion works on the platform, how not to sell your film and much more. 

According to Maryna, she does not offer filmmakers a universal pill for success, but has something more valuable for the audience: analytics, several years of Kyivstar TV experience and a guide that will definitely increase the chances of a film becoming popular. 

The lecture will take place at the Chernivtsi Cinema (10 Universytetska St., Chernivtsi). Entrance by passes, which can be purchased on the festival website.

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