NewsNews6 September 2021

New achievements of the Viasat company and the #zabutyprovik project

On September 4, 2021, the company Viasat became a laureate of the 2nd degree of the All-Ukrainian award for the best companies and personalities of the telecom and media industries Telecom Awards 2021 in the category "Social Project of the Year" with the initiative "Viasat against ageism".

In particular, Viasat became the general media partner of the social project 1+1 media #zabutyprovik, which aims to combat ageism and destroy stereotypes associated with older people.

Starting from August 25, on the pages of the companies in social networks, as well as on the website of the project, interviews with well-known compatriots who prove by their own example that it is possible to be successful at any age - all that is needed for this - unstoppable faith in yourself and your ideas. Among the heroes of the initiative are actors Larisa Kadochnikova and Volodymyr Horyansky, blogger Nina Drozd and others.

"There are many certain stereotypes about the elderly in Ukrainian society. It is believed that elderly people cannot be creative, cannot master modern technologies, or start a new profession. Because of this attitude, many people really do not dare to change their own lives and start doing the work they wanted. A large number of such people find themselves outside society and do not have the opportunity to integrate into society. Viasat's team is sure that stereotypes about the elderly are untrue. We know this from our own experience," comments Svitlana Mishchenko , head of the Viasat satellite platform.

The company notes that the majority of Viasat service users are elderly people, but they actively use digital products and pay for them online or through mobile services. This once again proves that age cannot be an obstacle to a full life and participation in society.

"Our task is to become an ambassador in the fight against ageism in our country and help people integrate into society and, with the help of education and accessible information, enable them to use all the necessary technologies that are necessary for a full life in the modern world. Viasat currently has 5 full-time employees of elegant age, three of whom hold management positions. Every year, they get the highest results on the assessment of work efficiency, they know how to work in a team and be its leaders. The next step was to find and hire an elegant SMM specialist in Viasat's marketing department in July 2021. Our intern actively participated in many open projects, in a short time she mastered digital literacy skills and obtained the basic level of a confident Internet user, completed special courses for interns at 1+1 media school. Thank you all for your support! We are extremely touched that the joint efforts of the Viasat team have been properly appreciated by the public!", concluded Svitlana Mishchenko.

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