NewsNews2 March 2020

The official position of the "1+1" channel regarding the broadcast of the 7th episode of the blind auditions of "Voice of the Country-10"

On March 1, 2020, during the broadcast of the 7th episode of the vocal show "Voice of the Country-10" on the air of the "1+1" TV channel, the region "Abkhazia" was indicated in the credits in the story of the participant Angela Konsuzyan. During the recording of the interview, when asked about her country of origin, the participant indicated this particular region. The TV channel in no way justifies the fact that incorrect information got on the air and absolutely admits its mistake, made due to inattention. "1+1" TV channel officially declares that there were no political or social implications in this specific situation. We are guided exclusively by the norms of international law, and for us Abkhazia is an integral part of Georgia. The "Voice of the Country" team, on behalf of the "1+1" channel and the "1+1 media" group, apologizes and informs that strict disciplinary measures will be applied to the employees who allowed this information on the air.

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