NewsNews19 September 2023

"Plus Ukrainian": 1 + 1 media group signed a memorandum of cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Movement "United"

In September, the 1 + 1 media group together with the All-Ukrainian Movement "United" signed a memorandum of cooperation, within which the consolidation of efforts will be aimed at promoting the Ukrainian language and culture.

The partnership involves communication with opinion leaders who, within a cycle of motivating interviews, will share personal stories related to improvements in their native language. In addition, the media group and the all-Ukrainian movement will focus on the implementation of the language course "United." The teachers of the monthly 28-day program will be the leading and top managers of the 1 + 1 media group. It is also planned to implement a number of initiatives, including thematic marathons, forums, etc.

"It has always been extremely important for us to promote Ukrainian culture, content and popularize the Ukrainian language. We are impressed by the goal of the "United" - to help 1,000,000 fellow countrymen improve their skills or generally master the Ukrainian language. That is why we are joining forces and within the project "Plus Ukrainian" we will do everything in order to achieve the desired goal, "- commented in 1 + 1 media.

The content developed within the partnership will be published on the resources of the 1 + 1 media group - social networks, YouTube channels 1 + 1 and TSN, the page of the Plus Ukrainian project on TikTok, the sites of ТСН.ua, UNIAN, Glavred and 1 + 1, as well as in a special Telegram community at this link: https :// Also, materials and news will be published on the sites of the All-Ukrainian Movement "United," namely, the official website, YouTube channel, social networks Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

"A large team of our Movement" United "- and these are more than 300 professional philologists who are certified moderators of speaking clubs, and more than 500 volunteers - for 17 months in a row have been creating effective and completely free Ukrainian courses for everyone. We seek to de-occupy the Ukrainian cultural space from the "Russian world" and the narratives of the enemy. We provide educational and psycho-emotional support in the transition to the Ukrainian language in our courses. The more Ukrainian-speaking, the greater will be the need for Ukrainian books, music and content, the wider will be the Ukrainian space and narrower the "Russian world." Information partnership with 1 + 1 media for us is a quantum leap to our goal, "- Natalka Fedechko, leader and co-founder of the All-Ukrainian Movement" United. "

Recall that recently the 1 + 1 media group became an information partner of the online marathon "Running for Language" from the All-Ukrainian Movement "United." The race was held to support Ukrainians who are currently in temporary occupation and cannot communicate in their native language under pain of death. Various distances were covered by the employees of the media group, and the host of the 1 + 1 Ukraine TV channel Marichka Padalko, who repeatedly participated in various races, including the 42-kilometer marathon in Boston, became the ambassador of the action.

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