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The 1+1 media project made it to the finals of the Promax Global Excellence Awards 2022

Recently, one of the world's leading awards in the field of design, marketing and video production, Promax Global Excellence Awards 2022, announced the shortlist of nominees for the victory.

The 1+1 promo campaign for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence entered the top of the best projects in the HOLIDAY OR SPECIAL EVENT PROMO — OVER :60 SECOND S nomination . Case will compete for gold in the finals, the results of which will be announced on December 8 during the awards ceremony.

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"Six months before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, we made a campaign for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. These 30 years are about the identity of the Ukrainian nation. Independents are the opposite of slaves. Ukrainians do everything from the heart, sincerely and with love. Our campaign is about this," 1+1 media tells about the case.

By the way, recently at the European Promax Awards 2022, the updated logo of the star parody show "Masquerade", the second season of which was broadcast on 1+1 last fall, won the PROGRAMME SPECIFIC LOGO category and won the gold medal of the competition.

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In addition, the 1+1 media group previously won Promax Europe Awards several times. For example, at one time the gold award was won by the promotional campaign of the film "Split into Atoms" and the opening credits of the film "Children of Victory". The "News Museum" project for the anniversary of TSN was awarded silver.


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