NewsNews3 December 2018

Schoolchildren will explore the world together with the PLUSPLUS channel

The school literature of Ukrainian first-graders in educational institutions was supplemented with new textbooks "I explore the world", on the pages of which the favorite heroes of the PLUSPLUS channel appeared: Quadryk, Trikutya and Kruzhko. With the help of a special QR code, the child will be able to view a series of cartoons and familiarize himself with the topic of the lesson in a playful way.

For example, you can take the paragraph "How air works". Having familiarized himself with the main aspects on the pages of the textbook, the schoolchild will have the opportunity to consolidate his knowledge by watching the PLUSPLUS cartoon series "The World is Waiting for Discovery" about a wind generator and a helicopter. To do this, simply point the phone or tablet camera at the QR code.

Such cartoons produced by the PLUSPLUS channel as "The world is waiting to be discovered", "This is ours and this is yours", "Pay attention on the road" and "Useful hints" are integrated into the school program.

The textbook "I explore the world" was released in two parts, the total circulation of which was about 220,000 copies.

"PLUSPLUS is not the first to "go to school". But the appearance of our heroes and the integration of content into the school textbook is quite a responsible step. We will continue to work on a high-quality children's product that will help them learn about themselves and the world," comments Ivanna Naida, general producer of 1+1 media niche channels.

As a reminder, since 2015, the cartoons of the PLUSPLUS channel have been recommended by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine not only for viewing on the Day of Knowledge, but also throughout the school year.

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