NewsNews16 August 2018

"Breakfast with 1+1" received the YouTube Silver Button

According to the rules of video hosting, each channel that reaches this number of followers receives a special award from the company - the Silver Button. Currently, the program channel already has more than 108 thousand subscribers, and their number continues to grow.

"The content of 1+1 media is present on those sites where it is most convenient for our audience to consume it. Therefore, another award from YouTube confirms the video distribution development strategy we have chosen, and also motivates our team to work for the result," commented Oleksandr Kozachenko, head of external distribution of video content at 1+1 Media.

The YouTube channel "Breakfast with 1+1" has existed for almost 7 years, during which time its videos have been viewed more than 55 million times not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. In particular, many viewers follow "Breakfast" online in the USA, Poland and Germany.

In addition to useful advice from leading experts, stories about the secrets of television, details from the sets of Ukrainian TV series and impressive stories of reincarnation are very popular.

"Establishing feedback with the viewer is one of our priority tasks. On YouTube, we carefully monitor the reaction of the viewers to the topics we raise on the air, and we always listen to their constructive criticism and wishes, - comments Yuliya Zhmakina, director of the morning broadcasting department of the "1+1" channel. "We are grateful to colleagues from the digital and marketing departments for their help, and to the viewers for their trust, which resulted in our first YouTube award."


We will remind you that the "Breakfast with 1+1" team selects useful tips for viewers, engages leading experts to explain the most relevant topics and invites the most famous Ukrainians to the studio. Every morning, Ruslan Senichkin, Lyudmila Barbir, Yehor Gordeev and Nelya Shovkoplyas charge the audience with cheerfulness for the whole day. "Breakfast with 1+1" is published from Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m., and "Breakfast. Weekend" - on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m

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