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"Breakfast with 1+1" and Paramount Comedy launch a special project dedicated to series

The Ukrainian TV channel Paramount Comedy together with the morning program " Breakfast with 1+1 " are launching a joint special project dedicated to TV series. As part of the special project, viewers will be treated to a variety of online activities over the next three months, including a marathon of contests in social networks. The winners will not only receive interesting and useful prizes, but also the opportunity to visit the "Breakfast with 1+1" studio and watch the live broadcast from behind the scenes. This was announced today by the presenters in the episode "Breakfast with 1+1":

Promoting that TV shows are useful, using the example of millions of loved and world-famous television products, Paramount Comedy together with "Breakfast with 1+1" will tell a wide audience about the benefits of TV series and willingly share the benefits of watching them. Each new online activity and its terms will be successively announced to the audience on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Paramount Comedy and "Breakfast with 1+1" with the tag #marafonpodarunkiv.

"The time when series were considered "non-cinematic" has passed. Now they are filmed on the basis of the most popular bestsellers, and the coolest stars of the full meter are involved in the filming. In other words, series are not only funny, but also really cool, so they are the future. Our viewers deserve only the best, and their loyalty is our greatest reward. We are glad that the television products of Paramount Comedy and "Breakfast with 1+1" are associated with high quality and a good mood among viewers, and that is why we decided to unite and thank them with a pleasant bonus - a marathon of gifts," commented Oksana Petryshyn, general director of Paramount Comedy.

"Humor is something that helps to improve the mood in any situation, and if you combine it with your favorite series, you get a perfect collaboration that will not leave anyone indifferent. And since our viewers are eager to get even more humor on Ukrainian television, together with Paramount Comedy we decided to tell them about the benefits of series and, at the same time, give them the opportunity to win valuable gifts just for watching cool and recognized by millions of comedy series and sketches," she commented. Yuliya Zhmakina, head of the 1+1 media morning broadcasting department.

Learn more about further contests within the framework of #marathongifts and the terms of participation in them on the "Breakfast with 1+1" and Paramount Comedy pages on social networks:

As a reminder, the Paramount Comedy TV channel is the Ukrainian adaptation of the American cable TV channel Comedy Central, which since 2017 has been providing domestic viewers with the opportunity to watch the best comedy series, the most successful sketches and popular stand-ups in the Ukrainian language - "The Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother", " South Park", "Friends", "Two Girls Without a Penny", "Mike and Molly", "It Happens Worse", "Young Sheldon", "The Goldbergs" and many others.

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