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The special edition of TSN became the most rated program on the day of the presidential elections

The special issue of TSN "Choice of the country", which was broadcast on March 31 at 7:30 p.m. on "1+1", became the most rated program of the day on Ukrainian television. On the day of the presidential election of Ukraine, news was broadcast by three presenters from open-air studios - Alla Mazur from the Independence Square, Lydia Taran - from the Election Center, Nataliya Moseichuk - from the roof of the capital's skyscraper. TSN announced the results of its own exit poll live after the polling stations closed, and the most authoritative experts, politicians, and presidential candidates were the guests of the program. More than 80 people worked on the release for four months.

The program topped the TOP for the audience 18-54 with a rating of 6.1%/5.9% (Ukraine/50K+), and was also first for the broad target audience 18+ with a rating of 6.8%.

The special issue of TSN "Choice of the Country" also confidently led in the viewing slot: the share of the issue among the audience 18-54 was 18.5%/18.2% (Ukraine/50K+), among viewers of the audience 18+ the share was 16.6%.

The coverage of the 19:30 episode was 7.6 million viewers (4+), which significantly exceeded the indicators of all other programs on that day. The total coverage of all broadcasts of TSN on election day was 11 million viewers (4+).

The seven-hour marathon was broadcast non-stop on TSN social networks. In less than half a day, it collected almost 800,000 views on YouTube , and the streams on Facebook were viewed more than 730,000 times in total.

See what happened behind the scenes of the filming process in the video:

It should be noted that immediately after the closing of the polling stations at 20.00, TSN announced the results of its own exit poll, which was jointly conducted by two reputable research companies - Kantar TNS and Info Sapiens, on behalf of the "1+1" channel. 20,000 respondents aged 18 and over were interviewed by the personal interview method at the exit from 600 polling stations throughout Ukraine (except for special and foreign stations). According to the results, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who was voted by 30.1% of the respondents, and Petro Poroshenko, who was voted for by 18.5% of the respondents, will go to the second round of the Presidential elections. Next in the rating are Yulia Tymoshenko (14.0%), Yuriy Boyko (9.1%), Anatolii Hrytsenko (7.6%), Ihor Smeshko (6.6%). The theoretical sampling error is no more than 0.7%. The research methodology was developed according to international standards, taking into account the many years of experience of the employees of both companies in conducting exit polls during the previous elections in Ukraine.

We will remind you that "1+1" topped the rating of TV channels with the highest level of trust. According to the results of a social survey published by the Center for Social and Marketing Research "Sosys" , the share of Ukrainians who trust the news on the "1+1" channel is 45.2%, which significantly exceeds the indicators of the closest competitors.

Indicators are calculated on the basis of previous data. TV audience research data belong to ITK; panel operator – Nielsen; monitoring - Communication Alliance. Data provided by 1+1 TV channel. Indicators are calculated for target audiences: 4+ (Ukraine), 18+ (Ukraine) and 18-54 (Ukraine/50K+). More information on indicators and definitions of target audiences in the glossary of ITC

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