NewsNews3 June 2024

VIASAT satellite operator has become a partner of the #CybersecurityFinance payment security campaign, conducted by the National Bank and the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine, together with the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, is launching an all-Ukrainian information campaign on payment security #CybersecurityFinance on 30 May 2024. 

Its goal is to raise public awareness of payment security and develop skills to protect financial data in the virtual space.

A survey of the Ukrainian population on payment security rules and fraud prevention revealed that social engineering has traditionally remained the most popular method of payment card fraud. At the same time, a significant amount of cyber fraud last year was related to phishing. By using phishing resources (stylised as government portals and information resources of Ukrainian banks and payment services) and deceiving citizens, the criminals tried to gain access to their personal data, information about their payment instruments, financial phone numbers and account balances. Therefore, improving citizens' knowledge and skills in this area will enable them to use cashless payments more cautiously and protect themselves from fraudulent schemes and traps in the virtual space. 

‘Almost a quarter of financial services users (26%) have faced payment fraud attempts, and 3% of them have lost money,’ said Oleksiy Shaban, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. 

VIASAT satellite operator (VIZN TV LLC) has supported the initiative of the National Bank of Ukraine and the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.  

‘Protecting our customers’ personal data and financial transactions is a priority for us. The National Bank of Ukraine's awareness campaign helps to raise public awareness of potential risks and methods of protection against fraud. This is an important step towards building a safer digital environment for all users,’ comments Svitlana Mishchenko, Director of VIASAT Satellite Platform, the project's general sponsor.

VIASAT provides satellite TV services in Ukraine, which can also be paid for online. VIASAT is responsible for its customers and takes care not only to offer convenient payment solutions but also to guarantee their security. VIASAT is also actively implementing advanced technologies to protect its customers' payments.

‘We want our customers to feel confident when using our services. It is important that they are aware of potential threats and know how to protect their financial data. Together with the National Bank of Ukraine, we are working to ensure that every user has the necessary knowledge and tools for secure online payments,’ emphasises Oleksandra Pikuza, Head of Marketing at VIASAT, the general sponsor of the project.

During the campaign, the NBU, together with its partners, will explain to financial services consumers the basic elements of cybersecurity on the following issues

- how to protect their accounts, computers, smartphones, and other devices from external interference

- how to create complex and unique passwords;

- how to set up multi-factor authentication;

- how to check websites where users enter their payment data and files, mobile applications and other programmes before downloading them;

- how to use public and home Wi-Fi networks properly;

- how to take care of software on their own devices and other rules of safe behaviour in the virtual space.

The information campaign will run until the end of September 2024 in all regions of Ukraine. As part of the campaign, the NBU is launching a special website (landing page), Financial Cybersecurity (, with detailed information about the campaign and rules of conduct in the virtual space.

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