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Telegram threatens to block the official channel of TSN

Today, April 15, the site received a warning from the Telegram technical support service about the alleged violation of trademark rights when using the official channel of the Television News Service. The resource administration threatens to block the TSN channel if the so-called violations, namely the name and logo, are not corrected within 12 hours.

The 1+1 media group is surprised by the cynicism and outraged that criminals, who have been illegally using the TSN brand and content for personal enrichment for a long time by selling ads on a fake account, are trying to block the official TSN Telegram channel. 1+1 media is preparing an official response for Telegram's technical support service, in which it will prove its rights to use the TSN trademark.

The 1+1 media group previously tried several times to stop the use of the TSN brand by third parties in social networks and messengers. In August 2018, an illegal channel "Telegram News Service (TSN)" was discovered, which used the TSN brand, and a corresponding complaint was filed with Telegram technical support, but there was no response from the resource administration. On March 7, 2019, the 1+1 Media Group filed a complaint against criminals with the Cyber Police. On March 20, the corresponding criminal proceedings were opened and a pre-trial investigation was started.

According to the information received by the 1+1 media group, Dmytro Ulanovskyi is the alleged owner of the fake Telegram channel "Telegram News Service (TSN)". It is in his name that the payment for placing advertisements on the page is received. The channel is used for political advertising and paid promotion of other messenger pages offering travel and educational services. It is also quite obvious that most of the followers of the fake page, which illegally uses the TSN brand and content, are bots. Therefore, we urge advertisers not to place their own advertisements on such illegal sites.

In the current situation, the 1+1 Media Group does not want to allow the possibility that Telegram, which according to open sources is financed by a Russian businessman, is specifically trying to block the official channel of one of the most authoritative news services 6 days before the second round of the presidential elections of Ukraine. Given the fact that previously the messenger did not respond in any way to TSN's complaints about fake pages.

The only official channel of the Television News Service in Telegram is @TCH_channel .

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