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TV channel 1+1 became the leader of television viewing according to the results of July

The past month has brought many new records and high ratings to the projects of the 1+1 media group - "Breakfast with 1+1", "TSN" and "Breakfast. Weekend" on 1+1 showed its highest ratings for 2021.

Thus, this year's record was set by the Television News Service — on July 28, the share of TSN TV viewing by the audience 18-54 (50 thousand+) was 16.2%, and the rating was 3.2%. In total, the evening news program on 1+1, hosted by Solomiya Vitvitska, was watched by more than 2 million viewers (audience coverage 4+, all of Ukraine). On average, in July, according to the results of weekdays, the best share of television viewing of the program since the beginning of the year was observed - 12.5%.

The team of the Department of Morning Broadcasting also became record holders in July. Thus, the country's most popular morning show "Breakfast with 1+1" broke its own records twice in July: first, on July 22, when the project won a share of television viewing of 20.4% for the audience 18-54 (50 thousand+) and reach - 1 .5 million viewers by audience 4+ (all of Ukraine). It followed on July 29 with a 20.0% share in the 18-54 audience (50K+) and a 14.9% monthly average share, the program's best performance of 2021.

In addition, the project "Breakfast. Weekend" on Saturday, July 24, received the highest results of all time since 2016: the share of the issue was 16.0% in the audience 18-54 (50 thousand+).

Two more projects of the morning broadcasting team gained a lot of support from the audience - the issue of "ZhVL" ("Life of Famous People") on July 29 collected a record share of 17.2%, and the daytime infotainment show "Your Day" on July 19 was the leader in its slot thanks to the share 8.5% (audience 18-54 (50 thousand+).

"According to the results of July, we can see that the biggest successes of 1+1 are brought by products of our own production and, which is very significant, news and our live shows. I am grateful to the TSN team for their confident leadership and new records. If we talk about live broadcasts, thanks to the appearance of "Your Day", TV channel 1+1 became the absolute leader in the number of "live" hours. And, as we observe, the audience likes it. Thanks to the 1+1 team for the fine feeling of the audience and love for their work. Ahead is a hot autumn television season, for which we are preparing a lot of surprises, " commented Maksym Kryvytskyi , general producer of the 1+1 TV channel, head of television business and member of the board of 1+1 media.

In general, according to the results of the month, TV channel 1+1 took first place in the TOP-5 national TV channels of Ukraine with a share of 8.71% in terms of audience 18-54 (50 thousand+)*.

*Overnight data on 08/02/2021, Live, 06:00-26:00

Data for the month of Live , Data for programs 2 TSV

All other data is provided by audience 18-54 (50 thousand+), TV audience research data belongs to ITK; the operator of the panel is Nielsen.

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