NewsNews28 May 2019

Paramount Comedy TV channel announced the premiere of the new series "Old School"

The entertainment TV channel Paramount Comedy , which broadcasts cult and popular foreign series in Ukrainian, announced the release of a new series "Old School". It will premiere on Paramount Comedy this Thursday, May 30, at 9:00 p.m.

The series is a spinoff of the already popular sitcom "The Goldbergs" among Ukrainian viewers , which tells about the life of a Jewish family in America in the eighties. The events of the series "Old School" take place in the nineties and describe the lives of teachers and students of the William Penn Academy - an educational institution attended by the heroes of the series "The Goldbergs".

"If you nostalgically remember your school and student life, then you will definitely like this series. But this time you will be able to look "behind the scenes" and see the reverse side of the educational process. I'm sure that the audience will understand what kind of heroism the work of a teacher requires and will feel an irresistible desire to call the class teacher and apologize for all, as it seemed to all of us, innocent jokes," commented Oksana Petryshyn, CEO of Paramount Comedy Ukraine.

In the center of the plot of "Old School" are four heroes - the director of the academy John Glascott and sports coach Rick Mellor, who are constantly figuring out professional relationships, the enthusiastic teacher Charlie Brown, nicknamed CB, as well as the young teacher Laney Lewis, who recently graduated herself in the academy and is actively trying to adapt to the role of a teacher and gain authority among her students. They, in turn, also do not mind giving teachers a headache, so they never miss a chance to do something eccentric during their studies and turn the school system upside down.

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