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The Paramount Comedy TV channel will show cult series on New Year's Eve

The youth entertainment and humor TV channel Paramount Comedy, which is the Ukrainian adaptation of the international Comedy Central, will host a marathon of cult TV series on New Year's Eve.

On December 31, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:55 p.m., Ukrainian viewers will be able to spend time together with the characters of the TV series beloved by millions - "The Big Bang Theory", "Young Sheldon", "The Goldbergs", "Difficulties of Assimilation", "There Are Just No Words" and "Dad". .

Especially for its fans, the Paramount Comedy TV channel has selected the TOP-20 series and started voting on its page in the Facebook social network, with the help of which viewers can independently determine the order in which they would like to watch the episodes of the proposed series.

"Our audience in social networks never ceases to amaze with its activity and dedication. And it warms the soul like hot chocolate at the Christmas market :) So on New Year's Eve, we dared to make a surprise in return. Only on December 31, our super viewers will be able to literally decide the fate of the channel and create a holiday program to their taste and discretion! This is the kind of New Year's magic from Paramount Comedy," commented Oksana Petryshyn, general producer of the Paramount Comedy TV channel.

The Big Bang Theory is a cult comedy series about four nerdy scientist friends. The heroes are bent on physics, research and inventions, love fantasy films and comics, but their usual rhythm of life changes when an attractive blonde named Penny moves into the apartment next door.

" Young Sheldon " is a spinoff of the series "The Big Bang Theory", which describes the childhood of the main character of the series - Sheldon Cooper. A gifted and capable boy, who at the age of 11 enters the University of Texas, and at the age of fourteen - graduates with honors, and at the same time makes his own "genius" discoveries, because of which he sometimes ends up in the hospital!

"The Goldbergs " is a soulful sitcom about the Jewish Goldberg family living in America in the eighties. In a family known to the whole neighborhood, only the youngest of the children - eleven-year-old Adam - can be called normal - he dreams of becoming a director and films everything that happens in a noisy house.

" Difficulties of assimilation " is an atmospheric series about the difficult life of a Taiwanese family in the United States in the nineties. Real life trials, difficulties of assimilation and the desire to preserve their culture - this is what awaits the young couple Louis and Jessica, who dream of America and the American dream.

" There are simply no words " - a series in which difficult questions are presented easily, and which teaches that in any, even tragic or hopeless situation, it is necessary to remain optimistic and cheerful people. The main character of the series, a mother of three children, one of whom has cerebral palsy, bravely fights against all the difficulties that befall her. And it does so in a very inspiring way.

" Mommy " is a bright and funny series about ordinary problems of ordinary people and how they try to solve them. An affair with a boss, a relationship with an ex-husband, raising children and a huge desire to get rid of a bad habit - this is all about the life of Christy Plunkett.

We will remind that in the summer the Paramount Comedy TV channel launched its own website, which informs viewers about new episodes of popular series. Also, the official Internet resource contains descriptions, TV programs and announcements, thanks to which viewers can plan to watch episodes of their favorite series. Visit the website of the TV channel to learn more:

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