NewsNews3 October 2023

2+2 and UNIAN TV channels of 1+1 media group have changed their satellite broadcasting parameters

In September, 2+2 and UNIAN TV channels, which are part of the 1+1 media group, changed the technical parameters of satellite broadcasting.

In particular, from now on, 2+2 TV channel broadcasts on 2 transponders of Astra 4A satellite, according to the following parameters:

Сигнал 1

Сигнал 2

Супутник Astra 4A (4.8°E)

транспондер 11 766 H

транспондер 12 130 V

модуляція DVB-S2, компресія MPEG-4

модуляція DVB-S, компресія MPEG-2

швидкість потоку 30 000

швидкість потоку 27 500

FEC 2/3 

FEC 3/4 

In turn, UNIAN TV channel broadcasts on Astra satellite using the following parameters:

  • Astra 4A satellite (4.8°E)
  • transponder 11 766 H
  • stream 30 000
  • FEC 2/3

If 2+2 or UNIAN TV channels are not in the list of TV channels of your receiver, please tune in using the above broadcasting parameters.

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