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Artem Hrytsaenko – Digital PR manager (trainee) – about his internship

Do you remember the story about the fat, worthless panda Po from the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda"? Well, there is no secret ingredient. There is no special phrase or formula for success that will open doors for you. I just believed in myself, sent an application, and it happened. Anyone can be in my place. Believe in yourself.

The peculiarity of such an internship is that you come to your position with minimal baggage of experience and knowledge in your field. You know some basics, no more. You are given a specific task, the same as other employees of the holding. And you work. Immediately into battle. You make mistakes, but you learn, you mow, but you gain experience. In a month of internship, I acquired more knowledge and skills applicable in real practice than in three years at the university.

As in any sphere, digital PR has its subtleties. I would have remained ignorant, not knowing all these tricks, if it were not for my mentors - the people who directly train me - Datsko Kristina and Stepan Barkholenko. They were sitting and working quietly, but here I came: I asked all kinds of questions and did not bother. But I never once felt awkward making mistakes, because they kindly comment on every jamb, give a lot of useful advice, and share their own work experience. The main advantage of 1+1 is the people who work here.

And I will not talk about the atmosphere inside the company. Here everything is self-explanatory. You're walking around the office like that, and here: YES, THAT'S THE SMOKE OF MOSQUITOES. AND I SHOWED HIM ON TV. AND I WATCHED ALL ISSUES OF THE WORLD INSIDE OUT. But, you quickly pull yourself together, realizing that this is an ordinary business within the walls of such a company. If one day I will be absorbed in a routine, then let this routine be just that.

What do we have as an output?

Many say:

- It is impossible to get a 1+1 student without work experience and connections!

What do we, interns, answer?

- Lies.

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