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Three 1+1 media projects entered the finals of the Effie Awards Ukraine 2019

Thus, the social initiative #zabutyprovik, the promotion campaign of the PLUSPLUS channel "The world is waiting for discovery" and the charity space mission "Ray of Dreams" claim the title of the most successful campaigns in the field of marketing communications of the Ukrainian industry from the holding.

The 1+ 1 media project - #zabutyprovik - a large-scale social initiative whose goal is to destroy stereotypes that age matters and that people of respectable age are not capable of generating powerful ideas, starting their own business and learn new skills. The project team strives to inspire Ukrainians to find or regain faith in themselves and their ideas, because they are convinced that the year of birth plays absolutely no role when it comes to ambitions, goals, achievements or dreams. Recently, the project won in one of the main categories "Change Communications" of the European Excellence Awards 2019, where the best European PR cases of the year were recognized.

The campaign for the promotion of the brand "The world is waiting to be opened" of the channel "PLUSPLUS" became a finalist in the nomination "Branded content and service" . In particular, the cartoon series of the animation production channel's own production, integration into the educational process and GR communications, as well as the launch of a line of licensed products contribute to the fact that children can learn something new and interesting about the world and the objects that surround us in everyday life in an easy and understandable way. life By promoting the brand, the campaign popularizes the social and motivational component, showing young Ukrainians that each of them can become an inventor if they have the desire and perseverance.

The category "Social advertising and charity" included the art marathon #МояДытячаМрия , which inspired millions of children to dream without limits and collected more than 100,000 drawings of children's dreams from all over Ukraine, which were sent into space within the framework of the charitable space mission - "Ray of Dreams" . organized by the charity project "Make a dream come true" .

We would like to remind you that the Effie award awards the most successful advertising campaigns conducted on the Ukrainian market, supports and contributes to increasing the role of advertising, effective and efficient use of marketing resources.

The winners will be announced on December 13 in Kyiv.

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