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TSN launches a new format of blog stories in the special project "Quarantine Patrol"

On March 30, at 7:30 p.m., the premiere of the special project "Quarantine Patrol" about the life of Ukrainian towns and villages under quarantine restrictions took place on the air of TSN on the "1+1" channel. As part of the special project, the TSN team prepared 5 stories filmed by one journalist in the format of a video blog.   

The author of the blog stories was TSN special correspondent Tetyana Shtan, who will independently drive around the suburbs of Kyiv by car or bicycle and check how quarantine requirements are being met in the smallest settlements. The results of such inspections   viewers will be able to see during the week in the evening edition of TSN.  

"The special project "Quarantine patrol" is a new form of blog stories, dictated by the current realities of work in the conditions of the spread of the pandemic. We care about the safety of our journalists and comply with quarantine requirements. The entire TSN team is currently preparing most of the stories in such a way as to have as little contact with people as possible. At the same time, we are entrusted with an important mission - to inform people about what is happening in the country. But lately, the information space has mostly been flooded with news about quarantine in big cities, while no one pays attention to the life of small villages and towns. Although the quarantine there is to some extent different from the picture we see in cities with millionaires and regional centers," says Olga Kashpor, deputy director of the department for new formats.

In the special project "Quarantine Patrol", TSN will show the realities of quarantine life on the example of cities and towns in the Kyiv region: do residents wear masks on the streets, are there crowds at transport stops, how do shops, cafes and churches work. And also whether people are going to rest in large companies in parks and how they behave on playgrounds.

The journalist will record the violation of quarantine requirements and tell what danger to life is posed by violating the rules. All blog stories will be filmed using only a phone and a small GoPro camera. And during filming, the correspondent will keep a safe distance of one and a half meters with other people and will work in a protective mask.

Already in the first editions, TSN will go to the most interesting suburban villages of the Kyiv region - Gorenka, Koncha-Zaspa, Kozyn, Obukhiv and to one of the most favorite places of recreation of Kyivans - Pushcha-Vodytsia.


The editor of the project is Olga Kashpor, deputy director of the department for new formats, chief director of TSN — Olesya Kovalenko.

Watch the new special project "Quarantine Patrol" during this week at 19.30 in TSN on "1+1"

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