NewsNews19 June 2018 was the first among Ukrainian journalists to launch a new format of multimedia publications news site launched a unique publication format - AMP-stories. This tool from Google allows site users to read, listen and watch vivid photo and video stories in full screen mode from their mobile phones. On the website, such multimedia stories can be found in the TSN stories section .

"A large part of users read our content on mobile devices. It is for them that we launch this format. It allows you to quickly, in a couple of clicks, learn about the most important and interesting news in Ukraine and the world. It is convenient, informative and beautiful. People want to see and read bright stories, and we provide this opportunity," says Kostyantyn Voytenko, editor-in-chief of

Already now, in the TSN stories section, you can read stories about how the whole world is seeking the release of Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, who is actually behind the main picture of world leaders at the G7 summit, about the spectacular eruption of a volcano in Hawaii, etc. - news site No. 1 on the Ukrainian Internet. Every month, about 4 million unique visitors get news from More than 60% of them do it from mobile devices. is a leader among journalists in social networks. In particular, more than 1 million users have subscribed to the site on Facebook, and about 900,000 on Twitter.

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