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Breakfast with 1+1 host Yegor Gordeev shows the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral destroyed by Russians and talks about the night shelling of Odesa

Breakfast with 1+1 host Yegor Gordeev finds himself at the epicentre of a nighttime Russian attack on Odesa

Kalibr, Onyx, X-22, Iskander-K and ballistic Iskander-M: Russian terrorists attacked Odesa region with at least five types of missiles of all types of basing. It was the most powerful attack on the city since the beginning of the Great War.

Gordeev came to the first annual volunteer event Social Camp 2023 Odesa to talk about trust in leadership communication, how much trust is needed to effectively engage in volunteering, and how to accelerate large-scale fundraising, including through the power of TV. 1+1 media became the general media partner of the event.

At night, after the speech, the presenter was resting at the hotel when the air raid alert and the threat of shelling were announced.

"We were staying in a hotel near the port with Social Camp and Superhumans. Everyone woke up to explosions, the building was shaking. We went down to the shelter, the Superhumans guys with prostheses, even though it's hard for them to go down, we all went together, helped each other. Everything is fine. That night, missiles of all calibres were flying at Odesa - both from the sea and from land. I hardly slept, in the morning I went to the Cathedral and managed to get inside. Now volunteers are working there. The ministers of the church are very silent, not ready to communicate, and the utility workers are happy to be alive. Friends, do not neglect your own safety and go down to the shelter in case of alarm," the host said.

Gordeyev also showed the aftermath of the shelling to his colleagues and viewers of "Breakfast. Weekend" on 1+1 Ukraine.


Earlier, according to the OVA, the historic centre of Odesa was damaged during the rocket attack, 

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