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For the first time in Ukraine: on the show "Masquerade" Yuriy Gorbunov will be co-hosted by a digital character

Already this fall, the most mysterious show "Masquerade" will be broadcast on the "1+1" TV channel every Saturday at 8:20 p.m. Today it became known that the host of the entertainment show will be Yuriy Gorbunov, who has been hosting "Dancing with the Stars" and "Voice of the Country" for many years in a row. But he will not host the show himself. For the first time in Ukraine, its co-host will be the digital hero Like, who will appear on the screen of the show's viewers, communicate with the participants and reflect the mood of the show, changing his image.

" Having a digital co-presenter is an extremely interesting experience, because I was the first on Ukrainian television to work in such an unusual company. I believe that technology is the future, so it was easy and comfortable for me to work with Laik. It was only necessary to turn on the actor's fantasy, imagining that he was standing next to me," comments co-host Yuriy Gorbunov.

The presenter also said that he is already looking forward to the time when the audience will be able to see the show on the air:

"This is a truly incredible show. Such a format was implemented in our country for the first time, so it was not easy for the whole team, but the result was very cool. I'm sure the audience will be surprised when they find out which stars are hiding under the masquerade costumes."

Yuriy admits that during the filming of the show he himself tried to guess who was hiding under the costumes:

"Of course, I, like all the members of the star teams and the audience, did not know who was hiding behind the fantastic images. It is kept in strict secrecy. Out of all 13 heroes, I could personally guess only one artist. But how our star teams managed it, viewers will see soon on "1+1".

The directors-producers of the show - Maria Hryhorashchenko, Nataliya Lysenkova and Nataliya Rovenska, who already surprised the viewers of "1+1" with technological solutions during the innovative digital final of "Voice of the Country-10", shared the process of creating the innovative Like:

"Working on the realization of the idea of a virtual presenter was the most interesting and intriguing for us during the preparation of the show. In our difficult time, when the whole world is switching to virtual solutions due to the pandemic, we really wanted to create something on the border between real and virtual. It turned out to be a very interesting experience both for the whole team and for Yura himself, because for the first time he did not see his interlocutor in front of him."

The production directors worked together with 3D artist Matvii Velichko, who created the appearance and animation of the character's functional chips, to develop the image of the digital presenter. Oleksandr Kovtun and his team worked on the technical implementation of this idea.

"This is a completely new technology for our television — simultaneous tracking of facial expressions and body plastics of the presenter. This happens thanks to the innovative tracking system, when special sensors are evenly distributed over the artist's body. This is actually a big step in the direction of virtual television, and new experiments are just around the corner ," the creators of the show say.

We will remind that the full composition of star teams is currently known. So, the PTP team included: Natalya Mogilevska and Yurii Tkach, and Vlad Yama and MARUV will compete for the victory in the MOTATIK team .

The Masquerade show is an adaptation of the Romanian format Mysteries in the spotlight , which was presented in 2012 and successfully implemented in many European countries. TV channel "1+1" purchased the format from the owner, Antena TV Group . The Big Entertainment Shows team under the leadership of Volodymyr Zavadyuk is working on the adaptation of the show.

The viewers of the TV channel "1+1" will be able to see the new entertainment show already this fall. "Masquerade" will be released on Saturdays at 20:20.

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