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"We are all a little bit of Luda". TSN correspondents found Ukrainian substitutes for swearing on air

How could the host of Breakfast with 1+1 rephrase her swearing that was recently leaked online?

How would the legendary "stapler" meme sound differently? And what would the dialogue between Kernes and Dobkin look like in Ukrainian swearing?

The answers to these questions were found by TSN correspondents Dmytro Furdak and Inna Lebedenko in a new episode of the project "Swearing with Lebedenko and Furdak" on the TSN YouTube channel.

The review of swear words on air began with Lyudmyla Barbir, who recently hit the social media trends. Due to a technical error, the digital broadcast of "Breakfast with 1+1" did not end on time, and YouTube viewers saw the part of the video that went viral.

Dmytro Furdak offered to Ukrainianise his colleague's swearing: "Fuck, I'm so fucking ugly in this suit. Okay, to hell with it, let's record it."

And then - the legendary "stapler". A viral video from the noughties, where a news anchor on a regional TV channel couldn't master the prompter, calling it a "stapler". 

Dmytro Furdak tried to paraphrase him:  

TSN's correspondents found a whole collection of gems in Mykhailo Dobkin's election video. "F**k you" - this was the vocabulary used by the candidate for mayor at the time 

Inna Lebedenko admitted that she stayed up almost all night thinking of Ukrainian equivalents to these words. 

"To hell with it," she suggested. 

"To hell with it", "shit", "bland bullshit" - the hosts replaced half of the dialogue between Mikhail Dobkin and Gennady Kernes. 

How did the presenters and journalists of the Single Marathon swear? And what gaffe did Dmytro Furdak make on air? Watch the new episode of "Tongue-in-cheek with Lebedenko and Furdakak" on TSN's YouTube channel at

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