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The YouTube channels of the 1+1 media group received new awards

The YouTube channels of the projects aired on the 1+1 channel were awarded for their popularity by video hosting. The 1+1 media group received a golden YouTube button for 1,000,000 subscribers on the "Voice of the Country" channel, silver buttons for the "School" series, which currently has almost 400,000 subscribers, and "Svitskyi Zhyttya", which already has more than 100,000 subscribers.

"Such a number of awards really shows the great interest of the audience in video content. Ukrainian viewers need such a product. We plan to further develop YouTube channels of projects and create new content for them. In addition, we are preparing something new and quite unexpected for our talented audience, but we will talk about that later," comments Anna Tkachenko, director of the digital direction of 1+1 media .

As a reminder, "Voice of the Country" is one of the most popular among 45 YouTube channels of 1+1 media. The video hosting project profile was created in 2011. Today, it contains episodes of 8 seasons of the show, exclusive interviews and backstage, and also includes videos from the show "The Voice. Kids". This is the second time the project's channel has received an award from YouTube, the previous award was a silver button.

The YouTube channel of the favorite series of young people - "School" - was created by the 1+1 media team six months ago and already has 398,500 subscribers. The total number of video views is 59,543,838. The channel features episodes of the popular TV series, interviews with actors and video reports from castings for the new season.

The channel of the "Social Life" project was created about three years ago, the total number of video views is 51,061,849. Balls and carnivals, stunning parties and private holidays, film festivals and fashion weeks, rallies, raids and horse races - the channel contains reports from the loudest social events with the charming presenter Kateryna Osadcha.

In total, the YouTube channels of the 1+1 media group have eight buttons from video hosting: gold and silver in the "Voice of the Country" show, silver in the YouTube channels: 1+1, TSN, TET, the "World Inside Out" project, the "School" series and "Worldly Life".

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