NewsNews13 June 2018

Two weeks to pitch The Next Big Thing. More than 100 ideas have been submitted to Generation

At the end of May, the 1+1 media group presented pitching ideas for The Next Big Thing. Generation. Acceptance of works began on May 29, and as of today, June 13, the organizers of the competition have received more than 100 ideas from Ukrainians. Applications are accepted in two nominations: X-series and Z-web formats, to the latter are submitted ideas for YouTube channels and series for Instagram, lasting exactly one minute.

This year, the 1+1 media group focused on the generation and perception of content by the viewer, so each of the nominations is focused on the tastes and preferences of the respective audience.

"Analyzing the first works, more ideas come to the X-series nomination. Interestingly, the comedy genre predominates among the submitted applications. If we talk about the Z-web format, it is quite a new experience for Ukrainians. And although in this category, the series for Instagram is radically new for our audience, the number of works in it is also not far behind the classic TV series," says Svitlana Paveletska, PR director of 1+1 media.


As a reminder, two ideas will be implemented in the pitching final. The winner of the second place in the X-series nomination will receive promotion and support of the series format in the international market for the purpose of sales. The second place in the Z-web formats nomination is full idea consulting from the 1+1 Digital team. The third-placed participants will receive free education at the Higher School of Media & Production in the chosen field.

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in pitching. You can submit your own idea by July 23 using the project website

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