NewsNews5 February 2020

Statement of 1+1 media in connection with the search of the editorial office of the "Secret Materials" program

The 1+1 media group confirms that as of now, 6:00 p.m., February 5, 2020, SBU officers are searching journalists' workplaces in the editorial office of the "Secret Materials" program.

We do not know the reasons for the search. It is noteworthy that for the entire existence of independent Ukraine, this is the first search conducted in 1+1 media. We can only assume that it is related to the revealing activity of the program. Usually, the X-Files program is a source of important information. We are indignant and concerned about the fact that in most cases there is no reaction to the violations exposed by the editors, instead, the journalists themselves have become hostages of their investigative activities.

In order not to give political forces the opportunity to use their resource to put pressure on media freedom, we appeal to the journalistic community not to ignore this situation and give it maximum publicity, to prevent encroachment on freedom of speech in Ukraine, which is directly related to the national safety Such "visits" to the editorial office of the "Secret Materials" program are a complete violation of journalistic integrity and pressure on independent media.

We appeal to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ivan Bakanov, to comment on the situation, whether he is aware of the reasons for conducting investigative actions in the premises of the "Secret Materials" editorial office. We hope that they are sufficiently "weighty" and are really related to issues of national security.

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