NewsNews26 November 2018

Statement of the 1+1 media group in connection with the possible imposition of martial law

But the manner in which it is proposed to be done by the Decree of the President of Ukraine causes us deep concern. The imposition of martial law limits freedom of speech and threatens the work of independent media. We believe that the measures proposed by the authorities are more likely to be political manipulation and speculation against the background of military escalation than an equivalent response.

For us, it remains unclear and illogical why martial law was not introduced during the entire period of hostilities in the East, and it was discussed only now, on the eve of the elections. And also how exactly the restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens will help to solve the fate of Ukrainian prisoners of war and increase the country's defense capability. We are also worried about the fate of our boys who were in Russian captivity, but we believe that this cannot be the reason for the total restriction of the rights and freedoms of people throughout the country.

One of the reasons that explains such a decision and which we see as a media group, and what is confirmed by information from our sources, is the possibility of freely limiting freedom of speech, controlling the work of the mass media in the political interests of the authorities. Therefore, we hope that the measures that will be taken will work exclusively for the liberation of prisoners of war and the protection of the borders of Ukraine, and will not create prerequisites for limiting the basic rights and freedoms of citizens.

We hope that the deputies will not vote for the draft resolution on martial law, which was proposed by the president and which, in fact, creates opportunities for the establishment of a police state on the territory of free Ukraine.

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