NewsNews23 January 2021

Statement of the 1+1 media group regarding the current situation with complaints about videos on the Geek Journal YouTube channel

The 1+1 media group reports that it has not retracted complaints about videos on the Geek Journal YouTube channel that contained content copyrighted by the holding company. Currently, these videos, for which the creator of the above-mentioned channel did not have the copyright, are not available on the video hosting, which was the purpose of the complaints.

We emphasize once again that the complaints were sent in connection with the author's illegal use of 1+1 media content and with the sole purpose of protecting one's own content on any platforms, including the Internet, and maintaining a culture of respect for copyright and intellectual property. The channel was blocked directly by the video hosting YouTube. The channel received the first "strike" from the video hosting for copyright infringement back in the fall of 2020 (October 28, 2020). After the first warning from YouTube, the illegal use of 1+1 media content continued, and there was no initiative to resolve the situation with the rights holder.

Let us remind you that this is not an isolated case - in the last two years alone, the SUDUM monitoring system has blocked more than 270,000 videos, and Google has removed more than 110,000 links to pirated content that violates copyright. The software automatically monitors the entire Internet network for the presence of 1+1 media content. The system automatically monitors violations 24/7, regardless of the date of publication of materials on Internet sites and social networks. At the same time, the content and context of messages published with improper use of the content of the media group, as well as the number of subscribers and the topic of the profile, are not taken into account. The main task of the SUDUM team is to combat piracy and block pirated content.


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