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1+1 media announces personnel news: media manager Ivan Bukreev joins the company

On 22 May, Ivan Bukreev, a media manager with over 20 years of experience, joined the 1+1 media team

On 22 May, Ivan Bukreev, a media manager with over 20 years of experience who has previously worked with the media group, joined the 1+1 media team. Ivan will head the group's Content Management Department, a newly created unit aimed at ensuring the group's leading position as a content mediator in Ukraine. In particular, special attention will be focused on updating the media group's content strategy, attracting external grants and investments, co-production and search for effective content production models, etc. 

"I congratulate Ivan Bukreev on his return to the Plus team at this difficult and important time for the country and the company. In the context of a major war and macroeconomic crisis, the issue of content is of great importance for the media market. Over the past turbulent year, 1+1 media has been working to find all kinds of solutions and opportunities to create diverse content that will strengthen our position, be relevant to both domestic and international audiences, and meet the needs of society and partners. Obviously, this area requires a separate strategy and management, so the key task for Ivan is to create an internal centre of expertise for content management of the media group," commented Yaroslav Pakholchuk, CEO of 1+1 media.

In his turn, Ivan Bukreev commented on the appointment: 

"I am very pleased to return to the company that started my career in media almost twenty years ago. During my absence, 1+1 has managed to transform from the No. 1 channel in Ukraine into a powerful and diversified media group. I look forward to helping the close-knit 1+1 media team reach new heights."

For reference:

Ivan Bukreyev is a media manager with over 20 years of experience. For five years, he worked at 1+1 TV channel, where since 2007 he was the Head of Strategic Acquisitions of Rights to Programme Formats and Internet Rights. From 2012 to 2022, he headed the New TV Channels Development Department at Media Group Ukraine, and was the director of UFO TV and Indigo TV. He is the producer of the films Infogolic, Classmates' Reunion, and Amber Cops.

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