NewsNews9 March 2021

1+1 media prevented the spread of illegal access to content

At the beginning of March 2021, the 1+1 media group discovered hybrid TV set-top boxes (IPTV + T2), with the help of which users obtained illegal free access to the VOD library of one of the largest internet television providers in Ukraine.

In particular, this happened thanks to consolidated actions together with the STRONG company — the official distributor of T2 receivers in Ukraine and one of the manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for receiving and watching television. STRONG monitors the Pay TV market and detects receivers that use software with signs of illegal use of content.

After receiving the relevant information, the 1+1 media group started an investigation. Specialists of the media holding analyzed the software and found that the mentioned software really violates the license rights of the group by connecting to the archive of the library of the OTT provider. This is a gross violation of the law.

Samples of pirated set-top boxes received during the inspection were immediately transferred to the provider, after which the access of the pirated software to the VOD library was blocked. By the way, to date, hundreds of thousands of such consoles have been imported and sold in Ukraine.

"We fight against "pirates" in different forms and in different directions, but this is the first precedent when a specific pirated software that has been successfully operating on the market for many years has been detected and blocked. Specialists of 1+1 media found out all the technical subtleties of work and approaches used by "pirates", so we will continue to move in the legal direction so that persons who illegally distribute licensed content are punished, " commented Andriy Malchevskyi , Director of the Department of Distribution and development of the broadcasting network of the 1+1 media group.

Among the content that was "pirated" by illegal software were not only products from the library of the 1+1 media group, but also hundreds of hours of Ukrainian Pay TV content belonging to various domestic producers and production studios.

"This is a very important step towards combating piracy in general. Blocking illegal services and set-top boxes that help to "pirate" TV products encourages subscribers to stop watching illegal content. Viewers begin to understand that their actions are illegal, the software product itself is quite valuable, and therefore cannot be free. In this way, we teach subscribers to consume legal content and contact official providers, thus leaving the experience of "piracy" in the past, " concluded Andriy Malchevskyi.

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