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1+1 video is 3 years old

Today, September 7, 1+1 video — the 1+1 media platform — turns 3 years old. At least 1.5 million Ukrainians use 1+1 video to watch their favorite shows, programs and series, and the total number of video views during the platform's existence reaches more than 100 million. Today, the platform library has more than a thousand projects, more than 200,000 downloaded video files and 20,000 hours of video content in HD quality, created in 1+1 media . Over the three years of the platform's development, 1+1 video has added new movies and shows to its video library and opened the possibility to watch all the channels included in 1+1 media — "1+1", "2+2", "TET", "PLUSPLUS ", "Bigudi", "UNIAN", as well as Paramount Comedy and "Kvartal TV".

1+1 video is the only branded platform among all Ukrainian media groups, which was the first to create an opportunity for users to legally view 1+1 media content online under the terms of subscription. Each user can choose one of three subscription terms - 1, 3 or 12 months, which gives the opportunity to watch videos without ads, as well as watch live   broadcasts of the group's channels online. For fans of the product, which is created in 1+1 media , an exclusive function "See first" was also developed, which allows you to watch the premieres earlier and watch all the series at once.    

"Today, the audience wants to get access to content, including television, when and where it is convenient for them, and they also want feedback. This became possible, understandable and relatively easy to implement thanks to the Internet, which has entered all areas of our lives. Therefore, television actively fills the online, and the smartphone turns into another screen, which allows you to constantly interact with your favorite shows, films and series without being tied to time and place, to build a dialogue with the audience, to involve it as much as possible. We are extremely happy to be a part of this process and are proud that the idea of providing our viewers with convenient access to videos of TV channels and 1+1 media projects in a convenient format on 1+1 video was strategically correct and extremely timely. We continue to improve 1+1 video, following innovative trends and requests from viewers of 1+1 media products. Three years is just the beginning!", says Anna Tkachenko, director of 1+1 Digital and Innovation.

In honor of the birthday, 1+1 video is preparing a lot of movie news for its subscribers. In September, the platform's library will be replenished with more than 30 films — Ukrainian and world hits.

As a reminder, 1+1 video was created by the 1+1 Digital team in 2017, during the relaunch of the VOD platform Since then, the content of all 1+1 media channels has been united under the 1+1 video brand. During this time, the 1+1 Digital team, which works on the development and improvement of the platform, has developed a mobile application for IOS and Android, which includes an additional option of a second screen. Currently, the application has the ability to influence the course of the group's key shows and   ("The Voice", "Dancing with the Stars", "Breakfast with 1+1") through voting for participants and asking questions to the stars of the projects simply during the live broadcast, which is innovative for Ukrainian television. The team is constantly working on expanding the functionality of the application, and at the beginning of next year plans to introduce Ukrainian users to the possibility of interacting with their favorite content in real time.

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