NewsNews29 November 2021

Anastasia Burlaka, intern of the department of broadcast promo and design of TET

About plans for the future and the most vivid memories in 1+1 media

The internship gave me invaluable experience, thanks to which I learned to work in a team, discovered new facets in myself, the existence of which I did not even know before, and my professional skills improved several times. The most memorable were our teambuildings, where the whole team went to the cinema to watch an interesting movie and had a great time together .

One of the coolest tasks I worked on was creating a graphics package for a new TV series. It was extremely pleasant that I was entrusted with such a large project, which I successfully coped with. He gave me not only an incredibly powerful addition to my portfolio, but also new knowledge. I am also excited by the idea that the series will be released with credits, logo animations and other graphics that I made myself.

There are a lot of plans and goals for the future, and I realized what is really mine and what is not. Now I know exactly how to approach the work, and I am ready to move forward towards new heights.  

I would like to advise future interns to always maintain self-confidence. Don't be afraid to offer new ideas, because you are part of the team! Ask for more tasks, show your interest. Learn about the experiences of people around you, their path to success. Believe in yourself and make the most of reality!

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