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ECO-MEMO game from PLUSPLUS TV channel: learn to be environmentally friendly while playing

TV channel PLUSPLUS continues to entertain and inspire its viewers, creating socially important projects. Within the framework of the launch of animated series of its own production by E KO PLUSPLUS , which reveal important environmental issues, PLUSPLUS together with partners developed E KO-MEMO a board game about sorting garbage.  

ECO-MEMO is based on well-known children's and family memory games, which aim to develop the skills of logical combination of cards and obtaining a certain incentives for correct answers. Helping the participants in the game will be visualized the favorite heroes of the viewers of the TV channel PLUS - the unchanging and unique Trikutya, Kvadrik and Kruzhko.

The game has a desktop format - for the whole family, as well as an online version for quick access anywhere : at home, in kindergarten or school, in the yard. The principle of ECO-MEMO is simple and clear enough to draw maximum attention to the context and at the same time minimally immerse yourself in the rules. It consists of 36 cards mentioning different types of waste, 1 field for sorting, as well as 18 thank-you cards - because it is necessary to understand what can be produced from recycled materials in Ukraine. In just a few days of its existence, the entertainment has already found many supporters, whose reviews can be found on the website .

We will remind that on October 14, the all-Ukrainian premiere of the ECO PLUS PLUS project took place. The project aims to draw attention to environmental issues, interest in the eco-worldview and inspire the largest possible audience to adopt healthy eco-habits.

All series of ECO PLUS PLUS are available for viewing on YouTube channel PLUS PLUS and on 1 +1 video . Follow PLUSPLUS news on Instagram and Facebook pages.

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